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EAE invited to Japan and China
EAE, the European ETICS association, has further strengthened its footing on the continent: During the General Meeting at the end of April in Warsaw the Romanian association QETICS was admitted to the organisation. The EAE has also established new contacts with Japan and China.

warschauMembers of the Romanian association QETICS, first formed in 2008, represent a market in which a total volume of some 20 million square metres of ETICS is installed every year. As is the custom in the EAE’s General Meeting, the hosts in Warsaw provided delegates with an overview of the ETICS market in their country. The President of the Polish ETICS association, Jacek Michalak, described the market in his country, in which some 40 million square metres of ETICS are installed every year, as one of the biggest in Europe: “This high volume of installation has remained constant for many years,” he said. 

In his management report, Ralf Pasker, Managing Director of the EAE, reported on the association’s many activities since the last General Meeting. In particular, the EAE had received two invitations to the Far East. Pasker had attended the Green Building Conference in Shanghai and had also made a lecture tour of Japan. “With EAE we have a stable association structure and growing membership in Europe. And our work is now also coming to the notice of people outside Europe – resulting, amongst other things, in these invitations. It is important to look beyond our own horizons and foster such links. China and Japan have different cultures, but when it comes to energy efficiency they have a lot in common with us in Europe,” said Pasker. There are already plans for the European association to issue return invitations to partners in Asia.

The technical reports provided to delegates at the EAE General Meeting focused on two topics: system quality and fire safety with regard to ETICS. In terms of marketing activity, the discussion focused on ways of using the new Energy Saving Guide (ESG) 2016 for the association’s political work. It was decided that members of the European Commission would be contacted with the relevant ESG information according to their individual departments in order to put across the arguments in a more targeted manner. This applies in particular to topics such as energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, execution of construction work and the environment. Another main focus for EAE in the field of marketing over the next few months will be the relaunch of the association’s website (www.ea-etics.eu).

The next General Meeting is scheduled for 13/14 October 2016 in Rotterdam, where the agenda will include elections to the new executive board. At the same time, planning will start for the 4th European ETICS Forum 2017, which will also be held in Warsaw.

About the EAE:

The EAE is the European umbrella association of 12 national ETICS industry associations, the six most important European associations from the supplier industry as well as seven leading manufacturers and research institutes. The EAE represents around 80% of the European market for ETICS and ETICS components. The EAE is a member of Construction Products Europe, the European association of manufacturers of construction products, as well as ECCREDI, the European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation. Furthermore, the EAE represents the European ETICS industry in CEN standardisation committees, at EOTA and in dealings with the European Commission and other institutions.

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