European Association for ETICS *adm_pgs_meta_title_default* EAE is a confederation of national ETICS associations at European level.

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New EAE Board

One topic of EAE Members Meeting in October 2016 was the election of the new Board. Prof. Zuzana Sternova from OZ ZPZ (Slovakia) was promoted from the role of Chief Financial Officer to Vice President of the Board. Ruud Van Eersel remains EAE President, while Dr Clemens Hecht (QG WDS, Austria) will continue in the role of Chief Technology Officer. Alessandro Siragusa (Cortexa) and Philippe Boussemart (Mur Mantau) were elected as new members of the Board in the roles of Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer, respectively. Honour to whom honour is due – Following their age-related departure, Dominique Delassus from the French ETICS association Mur Manteau and Werther Colonna from the Italian equivalent Cortexa were presented with certificates of honorary membership by President Ruud Van Eersel (IVP ETICS, Belgium) and Managing Director Ralf Pasker.