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Building physicists respond to criticism of insulation. A publication by the KEA Climate Protection and Energy Agency

In a booklet entitled “The significance of thermal insulation”, six scientists and engineers have provided an expert response to various prejudices, objections and misunderstandings related to heat insulation. Starting with the requirements for structural heat insulation, the booklet covers a wide range of topics from “breathing houses” to disposal issues and the “defacing” of buildings by heat insulation. The booklet has been published by the Baden-Württemberg Climate Protection and Energy Agency (KEA), the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Energy Institute Vorarlberg (EIV) and the planning consultancy ebök. By publishing the booklet, these prestigious institutions wish to contribute towards a more objective debate on the issue. Their conclusion is that with proper planning and execution, structural thermal insulation is not only unobjectionable but actually offers considerable advantages. The booklet can be downloaded here.


New Edition Energy Saving Guide 2016

The New Edition of the Energy Saving Guide 2016 is a publication, what gives an overview about how far we have got to achieve the 2020 and 2030 targets, explains why Member states are still far behind the schedule and clearly points out the huge potential improvements of the thermal performance of buildings’ envelopes offer for Europe’s economic growth, employment and our environment. The Energy Saving Guide EAE is intended to multiply content and arguments for a wide range of policy-makers and all other interested public which seeks a profound summary of the most important facts, relationships and arguments in favour of greater energy efficiency in the building sector.

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Information brochure "System loyalty pays off!"

The brochure explains why respecting the system is essential for quality, safety and long-term performance of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS).

Brochure System Loyalty



Information brochure “ETICS are amazing!”

The brochure “ETICS are amazing!” introduces the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EAE), its members, and our objectives. Furthermore it offers a brief overview about what ETICS are and how they can contribute achieving Europe’s economic, ecological and societal objectives.

The brochure is available in several European languages.


European Application Guideline for ETICS

Quality, safety and durability of ETICS depend the quality of the system, the design and the appropriate installation of qualified craftsmen. Since 2011 EAE’s application guideline offers general advice and includes lots of information about construction details. In addition installation manuals of system holders have to be considered.

The European Application Guideline is translated in several languages and used in Member States by EAE member associations. If you are interested in national versions please contact or member associations directly.

Qualitätsgruppe Wärmedämmsysteme, Austria

IVP ETICS, Belgium (French version)IVP ETICS, Belgium (Flemish version)CORTEXA, ItalyINCA, United Kingdom


European Energy Saving Guide

The European Energy Saving Guide 2013 summarizes the main findings of almost 30 European studies about how improving the energy efficiency may improve economic growth, welfare, independency of energy imports, energy transition, prevention from energy poverty, living comfort, etc. It includes interesting background information and recommendations what to do to achieve Europe’s political objectives – and how improving the energy efficiency of buildings’ envelopes can contribute!

The European Energy Saving Guide is translated in several languages by EAE member associations.